Invest in a water softener to soften hands, clothes — and the blow to your wallet

The Water Store Milton is proud to be part of The Water Store Group, the largest water treatment provider in the country. Providing Halton Hills and the surrounding communities with all of their water treatment and supply needs, this locally owned and operated store serves residential, industrial and commercial customers with superior knowledge and exceptional service. The Water Store Milton provides a wide range of quality water-related products, including reverse osmosis water systems, ultraviolet light systems, coolers and water softeners.

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Any water that measures more than 60 grains per gallon is considered hard, and a water softener is a small appliance that safely takes the minerals out of the water using a process called ion exchange. While these coarse minerals, typically calcium, magnesium and iron, do not pose any health threats, they can interfere with the water supply by clogging pipes and faucets with residue that builds up over time. Hard water also decreases the effectiveness of soap and shampoo, leaves laundered clothes feeling harsh and scratchy, shortens the lifespan of water-using appliances and can increase your energy bill by as much as 25 per cent.

In addition to carrying quality brand name water softeners, The Water Store Milton also services all makes and models of water treatment products, and provides regular maintenance and repairs. They also offer a 100 per cent money-back guarantee, and will replace any product free of charge if a service issue requires more than three visits to your home.

The Water Store Milton has the best water in town — guaranteed! Stop by 525 Ontario Street South in Milton, or call 905-693-8820 for a no-obligation water analysis today. For more information on products and services or to view the latest flyer, visit the website at