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Is a reverse osmosis water treatment system the solution to great-tasting water?

The Water Store Milton, located on Ontario Street South, is the city’s premiere water treatment and bottled water company. Priding itself on providing the highest level of customer service while supplying quality bulk water and water treatment accessories, the Water Store Milton specializes in solving all of your water problems. Notice a funny taste or odour to your water? A reverse osmosis water treatment system will remove 98 per cent of the impurities from tap

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Invest in a water softener to soften hands, clothes — and the blow to your wallet

The Water Store Milton is proud to be part of The Water Store Group, the largest water treatment provider in the country. Providing Halton Hills and the surrounding communities with all of their water treatment and supply needs, this locally owned and operated store serves residential, industrial and commercial customers with superior knowledge and exceptional service. The Water Store Milton provides a wide range of quality water-related products, including reverse osmosis water systems, ultraviolet light

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Clean, pure, drinkable water from The Water Store

The Water Store in Milton specializes in great water products and services to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Locally owned and operated, The Water Store is known for providing the highest quality of customer service in the bulk water and water treatment and supply products, offering self-serve, bottled water, coolers, water softeners, reverse osmosis units, iron/Sulphur filters, whole home chlorine and chemical filtration systems, and UV light systems for homes and cottages. They are

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The Water Store

The Water Store in Milton, Ontario, is your local supplier of fresh, clean water. Water is life. Not only do you need clean water to survive, but you use water every day for a variety of tasks, including showering, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and more. If you live in an area where the water coming out of the taps is unsafe or unclean, or you are concerned about what’s in your water, The

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